Comfort Independent School District

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Texas State Reporting Requirements

The Director of Curriculum and Instruction coordinates all district and state assessments and reports a variety of data for district and campus leadership so they may make informed decisions that promote continuous improvement and increased student achievement. In addition, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction conducts program evaluations and supports data collection/analysis and research efforts used to support and guide district and campus planning. Director of Curriculum and Instruction monitors compliance with state and federal accountability and reports accountability results.

2015-2016 Accreditation Status  - ACCREDITED

To access the 2015-2016 report, click on this link and search for Comfort ISD:                    Accreditation Status Link to TEA
House Bill 5 - District and Campus Evaluations (published 5-15-17)
House Bill 5 - A-F Rating (published 6-7-17)

2017 Accountability Ratings (published 8-14-2017)

Video Explanation of Accountability Ratings - (English) (Spanish)
Comfort Independent School District - Met Standards
Comfort Elementary School - Met Standards
Comfort Middle School - Met Standards
Comfort High School - Met Standards
Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) Annual Reports (2015-2016) (published 11-30-2016) 

School Report Cards 2015-2016 (published 12-12-2016)

Federal Reporting Requirements

Federal Report Cards 2015-2016   (published 2-13-17)

Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO)

Comfort ISD has met the requirements for all four indicators on the

2013 Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs) District Report

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) 2012 Reports