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Wrapping up School Year Self-Care Tips

  1. Practice Mindfulness: Being mindful helps you with setting boundaries and bringing focus. Allow time for a walk, exercise or movement that you enjoy. Make deep beathing an intentional part of your day, especially when you are feeling tense. Try leading a few minutes of focused breathing with your students to bring emotional regulation and mental focus. Mobilize brief mindfulness practices in transition to new content or a stressful instructional activity. Intentionally modeling self-care strategies will help you and your students end the school year strong.
  2. Spend time with others who bring you joy: Many people have felt a sense of “languishing” and a lack of joy over the past year. Consider how you can surround yourself with people who are positive, lift you up, and encourage you. Leaning on your support system can help celebrate life’s highs and help ease difficult times. Positive thinking and spending time with positive people reduces stress, increases your energy, wellbeing and success. Express gratitude to these people in your life. Expressing gratitude can bring you joy and help you thrive.
  3. Protect your sleep: Studies have shown that school administrators and educators sleep less than the average adult. Physically, lack of sleep disrupts basic functions, such as immune regulation, metabolic control, learning, and memory. It is associated with a variety of health and mental health problems. Be mindful that you deserve to get your full eight hours of sleep. Quality sleep will help you recharge mental batteries and end the school year strong!