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CMS Competes in District OAP Competition

Comfort Middle School participated in the district one-act play competition on Wednesday, December 9th at Lago Vista High School. Comfort performed “A Canterbury Tale from the Wife of Bath” by Herman Ammann. The story begins with an introduction from the Wife of Bath, Harper McCracken. The story unfolds as we meet Sir Gallant Dilemma, Slade Hildebrand who is being hunted down for committing a crime punishable by death – killing the King’s prize stag. Jack-of-all Trades, Tomas Le Blanc, catches up with him and with the help of the guards, Ben Gonzales and Trenton Gwaltney, keep him from escaping. The lovely Princess Oscarina, Hannah Snead is Sir Gallant’s love and begs the Queen, Kaytelynn Gilliland, to spare his life. After some consideration, she consents and comes up with a question for Sir Gallant to answer that will save his life. “What does every woman want most of all?” There are several characters that Sir Gallant turns to for help which include: Lady Fumble, Courtney Johnson; Lady Stumble, Caileigh Marquart; Lady Bumble, Rylie Bridgford; Lord Bumble, Jordan Martin; the Wizard, Isaak Govea; and the old Crone, Ashley Sanchez. To find out his fate you are invited to come see the play when we perform it on Wednesday, December 16th at Comfort Middle School in our cafeteria at 7:00 p.m. Our play took second place in the competition and four actors were recognized for their performances. Rylie Bridgford received an honorable mention award for her role as Lady Bumble. Isaak Govea, the wizard, and Ashley Sanchez, the crone received all-star cast awards. Slade Hildebrand, Sir Gallant Dilemma, was named Best Actor for the entire competition. Slade received the same award last year in “Antic Spring”. Our stage manager, Savanna Weyel was also recognized with a tech award. Our company also included Brinn Crawford as our assistant stage manager, Cayden Feller with lights and Gage Lott took care of our sound. Gage Lott and Ben Gonzales played their trumpets to provide the fanfare for the queen. A special thank you to Mr. Mulliniks and Mr. Evans for their help with the fanfare. We also would like to thank Mrs. Webb for her critique notes and Mrs. Klemstein for her work as the assistant director, hair, and make-up. We look forward to the public performance next week.