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Attention Parents - Laptop Info

CISD offers each student in grades 6th-12th the opportunity to receive an HP Stream laptop for use in the classroom and at home. However, not all students who have taken advantage of this program are taking proper care of their laptop. They are deliberately damaging or vandalizing the laptop that they were issued. Because of this we have added to the CISD HP Stream Handbook the cost of repairs for those laptops that have been deliberately damaged. Starting 1 January 2016 the student will be responsible to pay for deliberate damage to their issued laptop. On the second page is an excerpt from the CISD HP Stream Handbook and a table of pricing for repairs. Failure to comply with the CISD HP Stream Handbook instructions will result in the student no longer given the privilege to check out and take home an HP Stream.


If you have any questions on this matter please contact Susan Lantz, 830-995-6400 x126, email,


Thank you

Susan Lantz

Director of Technology