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Purchasing and Vendor Relations

Procurement & Travel Documents

Vendor Area

General Statement for CISD Vendors 

As a custodian of public funds we appreciate your assistance with following federal, state and local procurement regulations and best practices. Comfort ISD is not responsible for the payment of any invoice  that is submitted without an approved purchase order. Purchase order numbers should be included on all packages, invoices, shipping papers, credit memos and other correspondence. In order to make timely payment with public funds, the District is required to match the following three items: (1) prior documented approval usually in the form of a purchase order, (2) a valid invoice noting the goods and services provided to the District and (3) receiving documentation from District staff noting goods and services being rendered. To facilitate payment processing, we ask that all invoices and statements be submitted to: 

Comfort ISD 
Accounts Payable 
PO Box 398 
Comfort, Texas 78013
or email to

Vendor Application  
Please review and submit the following documents for inclusion on Comfort ISD's approved vendor list.