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2022-2023 New Student Registration

Comfort ISD registration is fully online. Please complete the following steps below to register your student:



If you have questions, please contact 830-995-6400 or submit a Help@Home Request.

2022-2023 Registro de nuevo estudiante 

El registro de Comfort ISD está completamente en línea. Complete los siguientes pasos a continuación para registrar a su estudiante:



Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, favor de comunicarse con 830-995-6400 o presentar un Help@Home el pedido.

Additional tips for registering:

How to register New Students

To access the online registration system, an account must be created in Ascender Parent Portal or use your existing account. If you have not linked your student in Parent Portal, please contact your child's school campus to get a Parent Portal ID letter.

Shot Records:

4 year old students should bring proof of 4 year vaccines as soon as they have their birthday

Incoming 7th graders should bring a shot record showing they received their meningitis and tetanus


New Students will need the following for Online Registration:

Driver license of parent/guardian enrolling student

Birth certificate of student

Social security card of student

Proof of residence (i.e., utility bill with your name; rental agreement, etc. – please call your child's campus if you have questions)