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Programs of Study


Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource Endorsement Concentration Selection

Agriculture Animal Science

Agriculture Horticulture 

Agriculture Food Processing

Agriculture Range Management           

Agriculture Metal Technology


STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Endorsement Courses 2018

Architecture and Construction Endorsement Courses 2018   


Arts & Humanities Endorsement Courses 2018

Health Science Endorsement Courses 2018 

Health Science - Flow chart of Coherent Sequence


Human Services Endorsement Courses 2018

  • Principles of Human Services- Year one
  • Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness-* Year two, three, or four
  • Child Development-* Year two, three, or four
  • Child Guidance-* Year two,three, or four

 * Require a prerequisite course

Human Services Endorsement Courses Description

Hospitality and Tourism Endorsement Courses 2018

  • Principles of Hospitality and Tourism - Year one     
  • Introduction to Culinary Arts * -Year two
  • Culinary Arts* -Year Three
  • Advanced Culinary Arts* - Year Four

 *  Requires completion of prerequisite course(s) in order of those listed.