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School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)



What is a SHAC?     
The Comfort ISD School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) works to foster a culture of health and wellness for students, families, and staff. Members consist of CISD parents, students, school personnel, and other community members.  Part of Comfort ISD’s District of Innovation (DOI) Plan is for SHAC members to meet two times a year to review Comfort ISD coordinated school health programs and make suggestions on ways we can improve the health and wellness of our Comfort ISD community.

Why Do We Need a School Health Advisory Council?


  1. Research supports that healthy children do better in school- from attendance and behavior to academics and overall performance.  
  2. Schools play an important role in teaching lifelong healthy habits.          
  3. Healthy homes and healthy schools support healthy children.  
SHAC in action


What is Included in a Coordinated School Health Program? 

The components of a coordinated school health program include:

Family and community involvement

Nutrition services

Physical education

Health education

Counseling, psychological and social services

Health services

Healthy school environment

Health promotion for school staff


Coordinated School Health

The guide to the School Health Advisory Council can be downloaded from the DSHS School Health Program website

If you are interested in becoming a member of  SHAC next year, please see the CISD SHAC flyer below for more details. Once the form is filled out and received, you may be considered for becoming a member of the committee but final approval will be made by the district school board. Thank you so much for wanting to be involved.

SHAC Roles Responsibilities

School Health Required Postings from Student Handbook (TEC 28.004)


2022 – 2023 SHAC Meetings

2021 – 2022 SHAC Meetings

2020 – 2021 SHAC Meetings